James Porter

Chairman of the Northern Area of Penrith & Border Conservatives

I am a Conservative because only the Conservative Party will:

  • deliver the long term, robust, well balanced, flexible, economic growth to drive commerce and industry; underpin real, sustainable jobs growth; and support our renowned public services;
  • provide the economic and policy framework for businesses, large and small, new and established, to grow and flourish, bringing prosperity right across our United Kingdom;
  • balance the books and not resort to unbridled borrowing, as others selfishly do, so burdening our children and their children with our massive debts;
  • deliver the effective, efficient and economic management and procurement our Public Services need and deserve, allowing resources to be redirected so our Public Services can focus on delivering what they do best;
  • make every pound work hard so that the skills and efforts of our nurses, doctors, ambulance, police and fire officers, teachers skills are recognised;
  • support and offer those in real need real opportunities to live fulfilling, creative, independent lives that contribute to community, society and our nation.

I have been a member of the Conservative Party for over 40 years. I joined in Belfast where I was born and raised during what has become to be known with typical understatement as "The Troubles" when the Conservative party was called the Conservative and Unionist Party.

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