Dr Neil Hudson MP votes for amendments to Trade Bill to uphold animal welfare, environmental and food standards in Trade Deals

The Trade Bill returned to the House of Commons yesterday and Dr Neil Hudson MP for Penrith and The Border voted for  important amendments on animal welfare and food standards and parliamentary scrutiny.  

Dr Hudson said “I voted for two important amendments in the Trade Bill. The first, New Clause 4, was to give Parliament the ability to approve trade deals and the second, New Clause 11, was to uphold animal health and welfare, environmental and food standards in new trade deals. I feel very strongly about this, so much so that I voted against the Government on these amendments. The NC11 was an Opposition amendment; I firmly believe that issues such as animal health, welfare and the environment cut across party divides.”

“I voted for theses amendments but sadly they did not pass. As an MP who is a vet, I will  continue to stand up for our Cumbrian farmers and push that the Government continue to uphold our high animal health and welfare and environmental standards in any future trade deals.”