Conservative PCC elected

Following yesterday's Poll, the Count took place in Kendal today.  Richard Rhodes, the Conservative Party Candidate, was successfully elected to serve as Cumbria's first Police & Crime Commissioner.

In the ballot of 1st preference votes, he polled 29% - against the Labour Party candidate who squeaked into 2nd place with 24.6% - but, having counted the 2nd preference votes of the IND and L/D candidates, Richard Rhodes won by a comfortable majority of over 5,000.  The Turnout was predictably low at 62,249 (15.6%) due to it being the first election of PCCs, not being held alongside other elections - and in November!  The turnout does not include a large number of spoiled ballots.

Footnote:  The Second Preference Vote caused significant confusion amongst electors but it was remarkable the number of votes cast for the L/D candidate as their 1st preference, who chose not to make a 2nd preference, when it is L/D policy?