General Election Statistics for Penrith & the Border.

Rory Stewart (Conservative)     28,078

Lola McAvoy (Labour)     12,168

Neil Hughes (Liberal Democrat)     3,641

Kerryanne Wilde (UKIP)     1,142

Douglas Lawson (Green Party)     1,029

Jonathan Davies (Independent)     412

Rory plays Henry Lloyd-Hughes

In April Rory Stewart was recently portrayed by Henry Lloyd-Hughes in 'Occupational Hazards' a play by Stephen Brown performed at The Hampstead Theatre and based on Rory's memoir of his time in Iraq.

New post for Rory Stewart

Rory Stewart has been appointed Minister of State for Africa in the new administration, combining his former role at the Department for International Development with a similar one at the Foreign Office.

Rory Stewart on the General Election

Speaking after his re-election, Rory Stewart said 'Cumbrians are thoughtful, funny, challenging and prepared to have a crack.  Traditionally politics in Penrith and the Border has been very courteous.  We disagree with each other but we do it in a courteous way.  I hope you will all join me in ma

The Queen's Speech

This Queen’s Speech is about recognising and grasping the opportunities that lie ahead for the United Kingdom as we leave the European Union.

Kevin Beaty increases vote in Preston

Leader of Eden District Council, Kevin Beaty stood in the Preston constituency and came second to Labour. He boosted the Conservative vote from 6,688 in the 2015 election to 8,847

Brexit talks begin

The first official talks to leave the European Union have now begun.


New figures have shown that the number of people in work has reached a record high.

For a brighter future vote Conservative

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