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                   Penrith and the Border Conservative Association is also referred to as P&B Conservatives.

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RORY STEWART MP for Penrith and the Border was re-elected in May 2015 with a massive increase in majority! 

The members of the Association along with our elected councillors and our MP, are constantly   

working hard for our constituents - if there are any issues you wish to raise, please contact us - Thank you


               Penrith & the Border is the seat of Rory Stewart MP - Under Secretary of State for DEFRA.

               Penrith and the Border is the largest constituency in the UK (outside Scotland) and arguably the most beautiful.

You can contact us:-

Office - 31 Chiswick Street, Carlisle CA1 1HJ   Tel: 01228 521192 or email: office@ncconservatives.com

Featured Story

Wednesday, 4 November, 2015
Rory Stewart MP is inviting constituents to vote for their favourite local chefs for the Parliamentary Pub Chef of the Year award.

Penrith and the Border Constituency

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Local News

Sunday, 1 November, 2015
Sunday, 1 November, 2015
Please see dates for upcoming drop-in surgeries.
Sunday, 25 October, 2015
The candidate selected by the Conservative Party to contest the election for next year’s Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Cumbria is...

National News

To protect our economic security, we are taking the difficult decisions to live within our means and bring our debts down. The public spending plans...
To protect our national security, we are defending our country’s interests abroad and keeping our citizens safe at home. There will be no cuts in...
We are going to fund, in full, the Five Year Forward View that the NHS itself put forward as the plan for its future with the first £6 billion...

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